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Number Name Club Eligible
10120 AERNOUDTS Johan Knokke maybe
10122 AERNOUDTS Rita Knokke maybe
27361 AERTGEERTS Gilberte SAC Bridge maybe
25469 AERTGEERTS Hilde Oostmalle maybe
29260 AERTS Danny Lier maybe
17739 AERTS Francois Riviera maybe
10125 AERTS Karel Aarschot maybe
21995 AERTS Lea Aarschot maybe
10126 AERTS Nora Witte Wilg maybe
15301 AERTS Paul Wobridge maybe
29519 AERTS René De Kollebloem maybe
10128 AERTSENS Roger Pieterman maybe
30349 AGACHE José Waregem maybe
25343 AGTEN Guy Bree maybe
27454 AGTEN Jurgen M.B.C.L. maybe
23373 ALAERTS Jos Aarschot maybe
71179 ALARD Serge PARC yes
6829 ALBANI Alessandro Wavre yes
8366 ALBANI Bénédicte B.C.O.B. yes
8974 ALBERT Dominique PAWO maybe