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Number Name Club Eligible
23747 ALLAERT Christiaan K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
32569 ALLAERTS Luc 't Biedtje yes
70094 ALLARD Guy Charleroi yes
4101 ALLARD Paul 3 Vallées maybe
24260 ALLEGAERT Dirk Zennebridge maybe
31332 ALLEGAERT Pierre Lokeren maybe
28491 ALLEMAN Jean-Pierre Oeterse maybe
30517 ALLEMEERSCH Odette Dulcinea Jabbeke maybe
17835 ALLEWAERT Ingrid De Palingbeek maybe
10139 ALLIET Joris Chaver maybe
72538 ALLIK Mihkel Loverval yes
18984 ALLOSSERY Tine Roeselare maybe
8299 ALPHONSE Alain Hornu yes
31912 ALVAREZ Yana Pieterman maybe
70182 AMAND DE MENDIETA - HERRY Véronique B.C.O.B. yes
70466 AMAND Yolande PAWO maybe
26166 AMANDT Gilbert K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
23252 AMAR Danielle Riviera maybe
10142 AMAR Eliahu Riviera maybe
71523 AMELOT Sylvianne Smohain yes