World Bridge Games in Buenos Aires ( 21/10/24 -> )


The World Bridge Games will take place this year in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 21 October – 3 November 2024

Applications for entry should be sent to

When sending an application, please confirm that you are able to participate in the trail for your category (if a trial is held)
The Trials will be held 13th-14 July

The closing data for all entries is 17:00 on Friday 28 June 2024

BBC 2 wins the national competition and becomes Belgian champion 2023-2024!

BBC 2 wins the finals (96 hands played) against BBC1 with 227 - 224 Imps !!

BBC 2 : Dehaye Clovis, Dehaye Bernard, Dewasme Isabelle, Kurgan Daniel, Jourdain Jean-Francois, Carpentier Frederic
BBC 1 : Bigdeli Faramarz, Labaere Valérie, Labaere Alain, Neve Olivier, Bocken Patrick, Coenraets Philippe