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Number Name Club Eligible
72056 WIRTZ PAUL Verviers maybe
32418 WIRIX Mia maybe
29962 WIRIX Magda Pieterman maybe
29961 WIRIX Lut Pieterman maybe
30262 WIRGA Tomasz Chaver maybe
30322 WINTERS Willy Oeterse maybe
11398 WINTERS Mia M.B.C.L. maybe
70201 WINSSINGER France B B C maybe
28261 WINSEL Nadine Zwijnaarde maybe
26640 WINGSTEDT Marga SAC Bridge maybe
32051 WINDMOLDERS Rita Acol maybe
29069 WINDELS Mieke Ter Linden maybe
28408 WINDELS Ivan Waregem maybe
4765 WINANT Paul Cercle Perron maybe
3415 WILWERTZ Paulette Fayenbois maybe
27917 WILTSCHEK M.P.J. Doubletje maybe
30056 WILSSENS Willy Riviera maybe
32155 WILSSENS Filip K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
29855 WILMS Gerd Boeckenberg maybe
22058 WILMS Anny Startclub maybe