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Number Name Club Eligible
73040 SHALA Artind Namur maybe
73041 SWAANS Dominique Namur maybe
73042 VANANTWERPEN Jean-Louis Namur maybe
73043 SAUCEZ Anne-Michèle Namur maybe
73044 GERMEAU Annette C-Perron maybe
73045 OUDAERT Marinia Léopold maybe
73046 OUDAERT Jean Pierre Léopold maybe
73047 REGINSTER Geneviève PARC maybe
73048 SCHIRATTI Doran PARC maybe
73049 SOLE Nicole PARC maybe
73050 FLORENCE Anne-Cécile Charleroi maybe
73051 RUTTENS François Charleroi maybe
73052 SIZAINE Anne-Marie Charleroi maybe
73053 HENRY Olivier Charleroi maybe
73054 GENDEBIEN Pascal Smohain maybe
73055 SERRIER Jean-François U.A.E maybe
2701720 DE BOEVER Willy Waasmunster maybe
2701721 von Seida Ruud Goldstar-Carta Mundi maybe