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Number Name Club Eligible
72918 VAN AKELYEEN Hubert maybe
72919 RENARD Philippe Waremme maybe
72920 VENDEVILLE Dorothée Charleroi maybe
72921 DELAUNOIS André B.C. Mons maybe
72922 SAROT Dominique Hornu maybe
72923 CADIERE Martine BNPPF maybe
72924 FALKENSTEIN Béatrice Montjoie maybe
72925 HOLLANDER Brigitte Montjoie maybe
72926 KIRCHENSTEIN Fabienne Montjoie maybe
72927 PAQUAY Serge Fayenbois maybe
72928 CRISPEYN Marie-José B.C. Mons maybe
72929 DELTOUR Micheline B.C. Mons maybe
72930 DIRIX Jacqueline B.C. Mons maybe
72931 IDE Vincent B.C. Mons maybe
72932 HESELMANS Michel Fontainebleau maybe
72933 ANTHIERENS Nicole MAINS maybe
72934 HAMBLENNE Marc B.C. Mons maybe
72935 OOSTERLYNCK Anne B B C maybe
72936 DAMIANI Andrea B B C maybe
72937 DELEPLANQUE Alain 3 Vallées maybe