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Number Name Club Eligible
72435 AREND Régine C-Perron maybe
31870 APPERMONT Jan Bilzen maybe
31786 APPERMONT Jaak Molenheide maybe
31785 APPERMONT Guy Molenheide maybe
23340 APPELS Marcel Goldstar-Carta Mundi maybe
21823 APPELMANS Josiane Pajottenland maybe
28659 APPELMANS Jacqueline Halse maybe
21822 APPELMANS Annie Pajottenland maybe
20357 APPELMANS Agnes Pajottenland maybe
20286 APFELBAUM Marc Maccabi maybe
29145 APERS Peter Zennebridge maybe
31236 APERS Marie-Anne Boeckenberg maybe
10162 APERS Gilbert Lier maybe
8999 ANTOONS Annie Pieterman maybe
32704 ANTONISSEN Julleke Riviera maybe
32651 ANTONIS Chris Pieterman maybe
71014 ANTONINI Gabriele B.C. Mons yes
4772 ANTOINE Pol Waremme maybe
7343 ANTOINE Jenny Fontainebleau maybe
10158 ANTHONIS Rosette Witte Wilg maybe