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Number Name Club Eligible
1438 LEDAIN Jean-Marc Verviers maybe
1446 LEFEBVRE Jean-Pierre C-Perron maybe
1449 LEFEVRE Raymond Charleroi maybe
1458 LEMAIRE Eric B B C maybe
1458 LEMAIRE Eric Phenix maybe
1461 BERBEN Martine B B C yes
1463 LEMMENS Jacqueline B B C maybe
1493 LINKER Marcel Charleroi maybe
1505 LAUS Georges Halse maybe
1506 RAMBOUX Alain V.O.B.C. yes
1508 LOSLEVER Annie B.C. Mons maybe
1511 LOUIS Guy Smohain maybe
1522 MAES-GOENS Gisele U.A.E maybe
1535 MAKOWSKI - HRABOVSKY Marie V.O.B.C. maybe
1560 MARLET Pierre Wavre yes
1568 MARTIN Hubert Namur maybe
1581 MATHIEU Philippe C-Perron maybe
1587 MATTALON Roger La Dyle maybe
1600 GROSU Natacha Charleroi maybe
1615 MICHEL Etienne C-Perron maybe