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Numbersort descending Name Club Eligible
72539 DABIN Dominique C-Perron maybe
72540 DION Alain C-Perron maybe
72541 LAMBERT Georges Fontainebleau maybe
72542 DUCHATEAU Yvette C-Perron maybe
72543 VANNIEUWHUYSEN Marinette C-Perron maybe
72544 PLATEAU Richard Basilique maybe
72545 DEL MARMOL Juan Basilique maybe
72546 GOYENS Alain Basilique maybe
72547 TRIEST Carine Basilique maybe
72548 MIGNOT Daniel Basilique maybe
72549 VAN CALOEN Eveline Basilique maybe
72550 VAN DEN BERKHOF Bernard Basilique maybe
72551 COOLS Christiane C-Perron maybe
72552 BENOIT ANDRE C-Perron maybe
72553 MAHIEU Bernadette 3 Vallées maybe
72554 COLLINS Richard Loverval maybe
72555 PIESSEVAUX NADINE Phenix maybe
72556 AUTENNE Jacques V.O.B.C. maybe
72557 DE MAUBEUGE Marc Atelier L.L.N. maybe
72558 ANDRIES Nadine PARC maybe