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Number Namesort descending Club Eligible
26409 WOUTERS Fonne Witte Wilg maybe
71665 WOUTERS Geneviève Wolvendael maybe
27611 WOUTERS Georges Haacht yes
30190 Wouters Greet maybe
25492 WOUTERS Gui Oostmalle yes
29667 WOUTERS Hans Zevenbergen no
14440 WOUTERS Herman Gielse Squeezers yes
16513 WOUTERS Hugo Oostmalle yes
14265 WOUTERS Irene Riviera yes
27358 WOUTERS Jacqueline Boeckenberg maybe
23337 WOUTERS Jan Lier maybe
26796 WOUTERS Jan Kastelse yes
30445 WOUTERS Jef Pieterman yes
30303 Wouters Lieve Witte Beer maybe
15127 WOUTERS Marcel Ter Linden maybe
27908 WOUTERS Maria Kastelse yes
14561 WOUTERS Maria Lint maybe
21466 WOUTERS Marie-José Kwadraat yes
29161 WOUTERS Marijn Pieterman maybe
30782 WOUTERS Mark Pieterman maybe