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Number Namesort descending Club Eligible
29711 WITTEVRONGEL Edith K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
31361 WITTEVROUW Monique Holle Griet no
31982 WITTOUCK Paul Bouwbedrijf yes
25970 WITVLIET Marina Genk maybe
2293 WLODARCZYK Joseph C-Perron maybe
21491 WOCHENMARKT Liliane Den Brandt no
70942 WOEDSTAD Philippe U.A.E maybe
23679 WOESTENBURG Jozef Gielse Squeezers yes
28514 WOESTENBURG Maria Gielse Squeezers yes
8800 WOITRIN Marie-France Wavre maybe
4572 WOLF Charles C-Perron maybe
29751 WOLFERT Paula Riviera yes
9956 WOLFF Guy PAWO maybe
20426 WOLFS Henri Sint-Truiden maybe
28693 WOLFS Paula Acol maybe
72257 WOLFS Pierre Fayenbois maybe
20520 WOLGAST Helga Ternesse maybe
28188 WOLLECAMP Nicole B.G.K. maybe
31037 WOLLES Paul Denksportclub UA maybe
25908 WOLPUT Wim Lier yes