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Number Namesort descending Club Eligible
27823 WULLEMAN Georges Brechtse maybe
32186 WUNSCHMAN Hans-Jochen De Eburoon yes
5124 WUYARD Alphonse Namur maybe
28639 WUYLENS Danny Bierbeek yes
26203 WUYTACK Simone Startclub maybe
29472 WUYTS Annick Retiese yes
26504 WUYTS Frans Pieterman yes
31907 WUYTS Johan Pieterman maybe
20827 Wuyts Jos De Teuten maybe
27074 WUYTS Lieve Retiese yes
32251 WUYTS Lutgart Retiese yes
23680 WUYTS Peter Kastelse yes
19813 WUYTS Rachel Geel yes
27075 WUYTS Rie Retiese yes
32250 WUYTS Suzanne Retiese yes
20592 WUYTS Tom Royal Squeeze yes
31524 WYBAILLIE Mathilde Veurne maybe
7378 WYBAUW Danielle B.C.O.B. maybe
28625 WYBO Monique Zwijnaarde no
28905 WYBRAEKE Marc Knokke maybe