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Number Name Club Eligible
28646 VLAMINCKX Yvonne Hoogstraatse maybe
28254 VLASVELD Adrianus maybe
27521 VLEESCHOUWER Andre Beveren maybe
26212 VLEMINCKX Jenny De Kollebloem maybe
27500 VLEMINCKX Maria De Kollebloem maybe
28161 VLEMINCKX Tom Brechtse maybe
31103 VLIEGHE Jocelyne Knokke maybe
14283 VLIETINCK Eddy Oostendse Bridge Club (OBC) maybe
19182 VLIETINCK Jo Oostendse Bridge Club (OBC) maybe
7248 VLIEX Robert Montjoie yes
30781 VLOEBERGH Marleen Pieterman maybe
24792 VLOEBERGHEN Marc Westrand maybe
14287 VLUYMANS Jozef Lint maybe
22346 VOCHTEN Rosa Startclub maybe
14288 VOET Blondine Genk maybe
17493 VOET Mimi Nobele Donk maybe
14290 VOETS Janine P.Eu.T.-P.e.U.T. maybe
31075 VOGE Martina Kwadraat maybe
30867 VOGELAERS Marie-Rose maybe
27784 VOGELS Harry Doubletje maybe