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Number Name Club Eligible
72784 VILAIN XIV Philippe V.O.B.C. yes
3512 VILETTE Pia Cercle Liège maybe
32156 VILIER F.A.L. Goldstar-Carta Mundi maybe
15772 VILROKX Sien De Teuten maybe
71210 VINCENT Christiane B.C.O.B. maybe
26413 VINCENT Claude Flanders maybe
71211 VINCENT Daniel B.C.O.B. maybe
71961 VINCENT Didier B.C.O.B. yes
3239 VINCENT Nicole Cercle Liège maybe
30082 VINCK Saskia Blankenberge maybe
28984 VINCKE Brigitte Saint Georges maybe
26522 VINCKE Fernand Blankenberge maybe
32016 VINCKE Gerard Azalea maybe
26450 VINCKIER Roos Roeselare maybe
26944 VINCKX Jan Retiese maybe
3715 VINCLAIR Jacqueline Wavre yes
31549 VINGERHOETS Grete maybe
14266 VINGERHOETS Jan Klein Brabant maybe
3746 VINGERHOETS Luc Phenix yes
25020 VINKEN Catharina M.B.C.L. maybe