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Number Namesort descending Club Eligible
20520 WOLGAST Helga Ternesse maybe
28188 WOLLECAMP Nicole B.G.K. maybe
31037 WOLLES Paul Denksportclub UA maybe
25908 WOLPUT Wim Lier yes
26402 WOLTERS Colette Beerschot yes
9457 WOLVESPERGES Thérèse Wolvendael maybe
30447 WONG Pat Zwijnaarde maybe
27940 WORMGOOR Ciska Riviera yes
71785 WORNER Karolina V.O.B.C. maybe
14864 WOUTERS Aimé Oostmalle maybe
28286 WOUTERS Angeline Retiese maybe
30222 WOUTERS Bart Gielse Squeezers yes
23213 WOUTERS Chris Edegem maybe
29571 WOUTERS Claude Boeckenberg yes
26409 WOUTERS Fonne Witte Wilg maybe
71665 WOUTERS Geneviève Wolvendael maybe
27611 WOUTERS Georges Haacht yes
30190 Wouters Greet maybe
25492 WOUTERS Gui Oostmalle yes
29667 WOUTERS Hans Zevenbergen no