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Number Name Club Eligible
535 CLAEYS Yves Charleroi maybe
535 CLAEYS Yves Forum maybe
538 PIETQUIN Joseph CBMS maybe
542 ROUSSEAU Thérese Loverval maybe
543 COENRAETS Philippe B B C yes
549 STEIN Janine Loverval maybe
556 COLOT Jacques Namur yes
561 MASQUELIER Daniel Hornu maybe
562 MASQUELIER Joel B.C. Mons yes
567 CONTRERAS Alain B B C yes
570 COOREMAN Daniel PAWO maybe
588 CUVELLIEZ Caroline Montjoie yes
595 CRAN Henri Total maybe
616 CYPRES Suzanne Léopold yes
625 D'YDEWALLE Bertrand BNPPF maybe
634 DAMSEAUX Maurice UMA yes
640 BECHOUX Eugène Espace-Pontia BC yes
650 DASSY Raymond Bercuit maybe
662 DE BODT Michel Charleroi yes
685 DEKANDELAER Philippe Club 0201107 yes