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Number Name Club Eligible
8391 WIATR Marc Verviers yes
32365 WHYSALL Michael Denksportclub UA maybe
14388 WHITTINGHAM John Haiwai maybe
31841 WEYTS Guy Retiese maybe
23310 WEYTJENS Guido Pieterman maybe
31657 WEYMANS Marie-José Riviera maybe
26974 WEYMANS Lutgard De Kollebloem maybe
19559 WEYLER Richard Hoogstraatse maybe
14383 WEYLER Dirk Riviera maybe
31095 WEYGAERT Rose Boechout Capenberg maybe
2474 WEYERS Jacques Smohain maybe
14378 WEVERBERGH Marcel Nobele Donk maybe
8541 WETZELS Suzanne Chaudfont. maybe
32723 WETTINCK Linda Heusden maybe
32722 WETTINCK Karine Heusden maybe
72227 WETSELS SUZY C-Perron maybe
31567 WESTERLUND Simonne Beerschot maybe
30587 WESTERBEEK Coen Doubletje maybe
27737 WESTELINCK Nadine Edegem maybe
18699 WESTELINCK Kris Forum maybe