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Number Name Club Eligible
71781 BARRO Chantal Hirondelle yes
72984 BARROY Michelle Club 0201107 yes
25471 BARTHOLOMEEUSEN Denise Oostmalle maybe
31805 BARTIER Andrée De Palingbeek maybe
10223 BAS Bertha Oeterse maybe
70028 BASECQ Christian Charleroi maybe
72808 BASECQZ Marianne U.V.B.C. maybe
272 BASSILIERE Francis Tournai maybe
30114 BASTEN Johan Lokeren maybe
18371 BASTIAENS Rita Haacht maybe
30460 BASTIAENSEN Maike Riviera maybe
73057 BASTIEN Norbert Club 0203060 yes
26167 BASTIJNS Alida Hoogstraatse maybe
1810 BASTIN André Loverval yes
71574 BASTIN Didier U.A.E maybe
72066 BASTIN Jacqueline Namur maybe
71492 BASTIN Jean-Claude Charleroi yes
4103 BASTIN Pierre-Philippe B B C yes
9962 BASTIN Yves Smohain maybe
30473 BATEN Johan Westrand maybe