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Number Name Club Eligible
10200 BAETENS Jean-Marie K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
28957 BAETENS Monique Riviera maybe
9904 BAGON Danièle Phenix maybe
25830 BAHBOUT Raf Riviera maybe
26973 BAHBOUT Sam U.A.E maybe
26973 BAHBOUT Sam Riviera maybe
3664 BAIKRY Marcel Primerose maybe
30103 BAILLET Beatrice Athena maybe
15383 BAILLEUL Dorothy Blankenberge maybe
10203 BAILLEUL Vic Nobele Donk maybe
10203 BAILLEUL Vic Wilg & Donk maybe
31679 BAILLEUL Wim maybe
32187 BAILLIEN Martine Athena maybe
9448 BAILLIEU Martine C.B. WSL maybe
70753 BAILLIEZ Betty Fayenbois yes
8630 BAILLY Geneviève C-Perron maybe
70754 BAILLY Jacques Fayenbois maybe
72438 BAILLY Valérie Waterloo maybe
26807 BAINES Jacqueline Beerschot maybe
70465 BAINVOL Marcel V.O.B.C. maybe