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Number Name Club Eligible
2701723 DE VRIND Hans B B C maybe
2701722 Kegels Filip Beerschot maybe
2701721 von Seida Ruud Goldstar-Carta Mundi maybe
2701720 DE BOEVER Willy Waasmunster maybe
73166 VANCOPPENAEL Patrick Namur yes
73165 struelens marc Club 0201110 yes
73164 TONNEAU Catherine Club 0203060 yes
73163 MICHALOWA Georges Espace-Pontia BC yes
73162 TIRMACHE Quentin Espace-Pontia BC yes
73161 TIRMACHE Bernadette Espace-Pontia BC yes
73160 CABUT Marie Paule Espace-Pontia BC yes
73159 GREGOIRE Francis Argayon yes
73158 EVERAERTS Catherine Namur yes
73157 CLAVERIE Marc Namur yes
73156 HE Jinming B B C yes
73155 DONA Luca B.C. Mons yes
73154 DECKERS Vinciane Charleroi yes
73153 LEBOUTTE SIMON C-Perron yes
73152 VAN DUYSE Dominique Namur yes
73151 CURIE Nadyne V.O.B.C. yes