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Number Name Club Eligible
23 DUCHEYNE Elly BInfo Inter maybe
24 QUERAN Gilles BInfo Inter maybe
25 1 SIMPLE maybe
26 JOUER BRIDGE BInfo Inter maybe
217 MINET Marie-Claire C-Perron yes
218 COUDRON André C-Perron yes
219 BRASSEUR Monique Espace-Pontia BC yes
221 JACQUES Michel Marche maybe
234 ASHLEY Raymond B B C maybe
245 BACKES Jean-Marie C-Perron yes
246 BADIR Agnès C-Perron maybe
247 BADIR Fadhil C-Perron yes
272 BASSILIERE Francis Tournai maybe
294 TRIVIERE Suzanne Montjoie yes
316 BERNARD Jean-Jacques C-Perron yes
317 BERNARD Myriam C-Perron maybe
321 BERNHEIM Poucette Wolvendael maybe
327 VERGAUWEN Alain B B C yes
351 BIOT Philippe DINANT maybe
364 BLONDEEL Renée Montjoie maybe