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Number Name Club Eligible
72888 COHEN Martine C-Perron maybe
72889 WILLEMS Suzanne C-Perron maybe
72890 POULCEK Jacqueline UMA yes
72891 STEILS Annette C-Perron maybe
72892 LEDURE Jacques Charleroi yes
72893 COWEZ Colette Charleroi yes
72894 COEL Alain Charleroi maybe
72895 BIERNAUX Paule Charleroi yes
72896 SCHENK Colette UMA yes
72897 PAQUE Pierre C-Perron maybe
72898 BOVY Jean-Marie C-Perron maybe
72899 GOSSET Michel Charleroi maybe
72900 VIEL Dominique Charleroi maybe
72901 LOISEAU Charles Namur yes
72902 MINGUET Marc Fayenbois yes
72903 DEVRIENDT Chantal Club 0201107 yes
72904 DEBUSSCHE Claude B B C maybe
72905 LECOMTE Vincent Espace-Pontia BC maybe
72906 LECOMTE Claire Espace-Pontia BC maybe
72907 STAPPERS Patricia Namur yes