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Number Name Club Eligible
72718 LEURQUIN François B B C maybe
72719 LEURQUIN Véronique B B C maybe
72720 TUMELAIRE Marc B B C maybe
72721 VOORTMAN Véronique B B C maybe
72722 JANSSENS Claudine B B C yes
72723 BEN DAVID Zohar CBUE maybe
72724 BIRON Marie-Françoise Chaudfont. yes
72725 BONHOMME Agnès Chaudfont. maybe
72726 COLLETTE Gaby Chaudfont. yes
72727 DEHOTTAY Monique Chaudfont. yes
72728 FORGEUR Christiane Chaudfont. yes
72729 GERMEAU Jean-Jacques Chaudfont. yes
72730 GHILAIN Philippe Chaudfont. yes
72731 GILSON Viviane Chaudfont. yes
72732 MINET Pierre Chaudfont. maybe
72733 MINET Nicole Chaudfont. maybe
72734 PETY DE THOZEE Françoise Chaudfont. maybe
72735 PIRET SIMONE Chaudfont. yes
72736 RAES Claire Chaudfont. yes
72737 THOMAS Carmen Chaudfont. yes