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Number Name Club Eligible
1616 BLACKMAN Juliette Loverval maybe
1628 MOMIGNY Marie-Thérèse C-Perron yes
1633 MORHET Daniel C-Perron maybe
1634 MORLET Jeanine Léopold maybe
1639 MOULART Alain C-Perron yes
1647 MULLER Philippe Charleroi yes
1652 MUSPRATT Jean-Marc B B C maybe
1665 NEVE Olivier B B C yes
1669 NIBELLE Françoise B B C yes
1683 ORBACH Béatrice Argayon yes
1687 BOITE Jean-Marc B B C maybe
1691 PADOU Bernard maybe
1702 LEBRUN Pierre Perron maybe
1708 BUSQUIN Philippe Charleroi yes
1710 PEERS DE NIEUWBURGH Didier Léopold yes
1711 PEETERMANS Jacques Fayenbois maybe
1730 PETERS Mady Phenix maybe
1739 PIERET Richard C-Perron yes
1746 PIJCKE Guy Argayon yes
1749 BOUTON Pierre Smohain maybe