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Number Name Club Eligible
688 DE LA BRASSINE Marie-josé UMA maybe
693 DE LEEUW Didier Basilique maybe
714 LIMAUGE Chantal Léopold yes
717 DE WULF Jean-Paul Namur yes
719 DEBLED Tony Léopold maybe
744 DEGREZ Stéphane Charleroi yes
757 DEKETELAERE André Blankenberge maybe
769 DELBRASSINNE Jean-J. Loverval maybe
770 DELCORDE Claude I.C. Bridge maybe
810 DEMARCIN Eric B B C yes
818 DEMOULIN Michel Cercle Privé maybe
828 DEPAS Louis _LBF Indiv maybe
847 DESMECHT Michel Halse maybe
849 DESMEDT André Smohain yes
867 DEVIGNE Alain C-Perron maybe
867 DEVIGNE Alain Royal Squeeze maybe
870 DEWART Léon Namur maybe
895 DONNAY Armand Fayenbois maybe
905 DRUART Michel B.C. Mons yes
927 DUMONT Claudine Cercle Perron maybe