WBF Launches Robot Tournaments




New Robot Tournaments set to launch on 1st February


We are delighted to announce an exciting new venture – indeed a new adventure – with the launch of Robot Tournaments with WBF Masterpoint Awards and titles under a new category described below. Robot tournaments are increasingly popular and we feel sure that by adding a new category of competition bridge scope and popularity will be further enhanced.
Come and join the competition through our Providers, BBO, Funbridge and Ourgame, all offering you this great opportunity – we look forward to some challenging tournaments!”

Gianarrigo Rona,  WBF President


Various companies (called Providers in this document) are licensed to run WBF Robot Tournaments (WRT). WBF Robot Bridge Points (WBFRBP) will be allocated at the time of play based on the number of participants and tournament boards.


The data from the provider tournaments will be sent to a WBF Server, and combined with existing data to give an overall WBF ranking based on Robot Bridge Points.


The top players of this overall ranking of Robot Bridge Points will, periodically, be awarded WBF Masterpoints  in this new category.

WBF Masterpoint totals will appear in a separate WBFRT Ranking with titles of World Robot Tournament Master and World International Robot Tournament Master, in the same way as ‘conventional’ bridge tournament awards. At the start of the WBF Masterpoint year (just after the WBF World Championships) the top 20 players will be awarded WBF

Masterpoints in the main WBF Open Masterpoint rankings.


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