Senior Trials 2020 (Last Info + results)


Additional information concerning the Senior Trials.

Further to the withdrawal of the pair Genty/Wanufel there are five pairs allowed to participate :

  • Alain Kaplan – Guy Polet
  • Alain Moulart – Jean Pierre Lafourcade
  • Philippe Coenraets – Faramarz Bigdeli
  • Nicole Nierinck – René Laenen
  • Jacques Stas – David Johnson


The participation of the pair Johnson/Stas is uncertain due to the modified timing of a surgical operation.
At the end of January Jacques will let me know whether he can participate in the trials.
I wish all the best to Jacques and hope he can take part in the trials as intended.


FORMAT OF THE TRIALS :  Selection by PAIR (Cross IMPs- match of 15 boards converted in VP) - we will play only one stage.

  • If 4 PAIRS : 90 boards on Saturday 08/02 and Sunday 09/02. 3 sessions of 15 boards per day (3 rounds of 5 boards). 
  • If 5 PAIRS : 135 boards on Saturday 08/02, Sunday 09/02 and Saturday 15/02. 3 sessions of 15 boards per day (5 rounds of 3 boards).

There will be a Bye – each pair will play 108 boards.
The schedule will be similar to that of an Honour division day.

VENUE :   Brussels Bridge Club  (Orée H.T.B.)


 The pairs finishing first and second will be automatically qualified to represent the Belgium Senior team.

The third pair will be chosen by the winners of the trials.
In the case of only 4 pairs the choice must be known by Sunday 09/02.



If we are playing the format with only 4 pairs there will be an training session pitting the qualified senior team against the OPEN and MIXED teams on Saturday 15/02.

Sunday 16/02 will be a free day.

Good luck ! 

Alain Labaere