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Number Name Club Eligible
1313 JAUNIAUX Georges Charleroi maybe
1319 JEHIN Freddy C-Perron maybe
1320 JOHNSON David B B C yes
1321 DOYEN Jacqueline PAWO maybe
1337 KAPLAN Alain B B C yes
1341 KELDERMANS Georges B B C maybe
1341 KELDERMANS Georges De Teuten maybe
1343 KEMPENEERS Jacques C-Perron maybe
1354 BOLLACK Léna maybe
1355 BOLLACK Bogdan C-Perron maybe
1355 BOLLACK Bogdan Royal Squeeze maybe
1365 LACHAPELLE Jean-Louis C-Perron yes
1368 LAFOURCADE Jean-Pierre Begijntje maybe
1368 LAFOURCADE Jean-Pierre C-Perron maybe
1371 LAMBEAUX Guy Charleroi maybe
1394 CARLIER Jean Total yes
1400 LAUSBERG Josette UMA yes
1401 LAUSBERG Nicolas UMA yes
1413 LEBOULENGE Patrick C-Perron yes
1431 LECLERC Pierre PAWO maybe