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Number Name Club Eligible
26963 ZAEYEN Marion Pieterman maybe
4392 YVENS Monique C-Perron maybe
14465 YSEBOODT Bob maybe
20785 YOUNES Daoud Roeselare maybe
31646 YORDANOV Yuri maybe
70396 YORDANOV Jordan Phenix maybe
71594 YERNAUX Philippe Namur maybe
21013 Yee Jean Klein Brabant maybe
22875 YDENS Ine Riviera maybe
22876 YDENS Elke Riviera maybe
23888 YDENS Bart Riviera maybe
22136 YDE Greta Azalea maybe
22136 YDE Greta Dulcinea maybe
3521 YANS Philippe C-Perron yes
72651 YANS Jefferson Cercle Perron maybe
32334 WYNS Annie Riviera maybe
19506 WYNEN Robert Beerschot maybe
29963 WYNEN Pascale Pieterman maybe
30216 Wynen Jos maybe
4965 WYNEN Jeannette C-Perron maybe