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Number Name Club Eligible
72978 VAN DEN HECKE Jean B B C maybe
72979 DHANANI Karim Smohain maybe
72980 GOUDSMIT Eric B B C maybe
72981 CLAESSENS Roger Hirondelle maybe
72982 ZORZ Cathy Smohain maybe
72983 JAFFE Luisa CBUE maybe
72984 BARROY Michelle Atelier L.L.N. maybe
72985 CLERBAUX Xavier Atelier L.L.N. maybe
72986 DE LOCHT Chantal Atelier L.L.N. maybe
72987 GORSKA Elzbieta CBUE maybe
72988 THRIFAY Marie-Paule Smohain maybe
72989 VANHOVE Daniel B.C. Mons maybe
72990 VAN MEENSEL Philone La Dyle maybe
72991 FOSTER Helga SPABRIDGE maybe
72992 DEMUYCK Louis Namur maybe
72993 MATAGNE Marie Claire V.O.B.C. maybe
72994 PIESSEVAUX Nadine V.O.B.C. maybe
72995 DASKALIDES Efthalia V.O.B.C. maybe
72997 BERNARD Didi Chaudfont. maybe
72998 DE COUNE Jean-Marie Chaudfont. maybe