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Number Name Club Eligible
72877 BROUCKAERT Christine PARC maybe
72878 SPAENS Ilona B B C maybe
72879 BECK Edmond Tournai maybe
72880 BECK Monique Tournai maybe
72881 PROVIS Paul Tournai maybe
72882 RAICK Jean C-Perron maybe
72883 BEUSEN Dany C-Perron maybe
72884 CRISNER Danielle C-Perron maybe
72885 BEGASSE Jeanine C-Perron maybe
72886 DARIMONT Dominique C-Perron maybe
72888 COHEN Martine C-Perron maybe
72889 WILLEMS Suzanne C-Perron maybe
72890 BOVY Jacqueline C-Perron maybe
72891 STEILS Annette C-Perron maybe
72892 LEDURE Jacques Charleroi maybe
72893 COWEZ Colette Charleroi maybe
72894 COEL Alain Charleroi maybe
72895 BIERNAUX Paule Charleroi maybe
72896 SCHENK Colette C-Perron maybe
72897 PAQUE Pierre C-Perron maybe