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Number Name Club Eligible
72854 GREGOIRE Marie C-Perron maybe
72856 SPINEUX Jacqueline C-Perron maybe
72857 HARDOUIN Claude Fayenbois maybe
72858 HEMBLENE Mathilde Cercle Perron maybe
72859 GORTZ Christiane Charleroi maybe
72860 LA SPADA Olivier Charleroi maybe
72862 LILIEN Natacha SPABRIDGE maybe
72864 OURY Marcel SPABRIDGE maybe
72865 PHILIPS Marie-Louise SPABRIDGE maybe
72866 PIRONET Marie-Henriette SPABRIDGE maybe
72867 RAHON Jean-Marie SPABRIDGE maybe
72868 SERPE Josyane SPABRIDGE maybe
72869 PATERNOSTRE Olivier Namur maybe
72870 DE NEVE DE RODEN Nicolas Namur maybe
72871 VANDERBECK Louis Charleroi maybe
72872 JACQUET Catherine Charleroi maybe
72873 STEVAUX Colette Charleroi maybe
72874 STEENS Christian Charleroi maybe
72875 MACK Madeleine Charleroi maybe
72876 GLUSMANN Micheline Charleroi maybe