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Number Name Club Eligible
72759 FRAIKIN Jean-Luc UMA yes
72763 MALMEDY Léon UMA yes
72764 MALMEDY Monique UMA yes
72765 MESSENS Anne UMA maybe
72766 MULKENS Nicolas UMA yes
72767 NEUVILLE Maurice UMA yes
72768 DENOTTE Jean-Luc UMA yes
72769 LAUSBERG Catherine UMA maybe
72770 DELANAYE Nicole UMA yes
72771 ORBAN Marcel UMA maybe
72772 VANDRIES Marc UMA yes
72773 LEBRUN Régine Namur yes
72774 DE BELLEFROID Hervé Namur maybe
72775 GUCHEZ Claude Namur maybe
72776 HENRY Jean-Louis Namur maybe
72777 LECHAT Marie-Thérèse Namur maybe
72778 SON Dominique Namur maybe
72779 HENRY Kathleen CBMS yes
72780 LEGAT Michèle CBMS maybe
72781 NOEL Colette CBMS maybe