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Number Name Club Eligible
32251 WUYTS Lutgart Retiese maybe
23680 WUYTS Peter Kastelse maybe
19813 WUYTS Rachel Geel maybe
27075 WUYTS Rie Retiese maybe
32250 WUYTS Suzanne Retiese maybe
20592 WUYTS Tom Royal Squeeze maybe
31524 WYBAILLIE Mathilde Veurne maybe
7378 WYBAUW Danielle B.C.O.B. yes
28625 WYBO Monique Zwijnaarde maybe
28905 WYBRAEKE Marc Knokke maybe
20918 WYCKAERT Chris Bouwbedrijf maybe
31934 WYCKMANS Nicole Riviera maybe
27653 WYDOOGHE Mieke Waregem maybe
30341 WYLLINCK Liliane Boeckenberg maybe
30443 WYMEERSCH Dirk Beveren maybe
18717 WYNANTS Dick K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
30346 WYNANTS Robin Denksportclub UA maybe
3418 WYNEN Christian Fayenbois yes
32410 WYNEN Greta maybe
4965 WYNEN Jeannette C-Perron maybe