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Number Name Club Eligible
14203 Vermuyten Karel Oostmalle maybe
30826 VERMYLEN Marleen Haacht maybe
72962 VERNIERS Etienne Smohain yes
29346 VERNIERS Geert Waasmunster maybe
25919 VERNIERS Guido Waasmunster maybe
25919 VERNIERS Guido Lokeren maybe
30040 Vernimmen Ann SAC Bridge maybe
24548 VEROUGSTRAETE Walter Waregem maybe
11812 VERPLANCKE Maria Waregem maybe
31097 VERPLANCKE Rita Dulcinea Jabbeke maybe
31963 VERPOEST Hilde Argus maybe
29582 VERPOEST Luc K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
29582 VERPOEST Luc Klein Brabant maybe
25946 VERPOORTEN Jaak Oostendse Bridge Club (OBC) maybe
26900 VERPOORTEN Lucette M.B.C.L. maybe
32324 VERRAES Jo De Kollebloem maybe
72631 VERREKT MATHIS C-Perron maybe
72630 VERREKT Pauline Cercle Liège yes
5158 VERRELLEN Maurice 3 Vallées yes
31486 VERREPT Koen De Kollebloem maybe