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Number Name Club Eligible
945 DUTRIFOY Pol Charleroi maybe
965 ELSKENS Georges Total yes
968 ENGEL Zvi B B C maybe
989 FALLA Georges C-Perron maybe
1002 DIMITRIU Pia Charleroi yes
1006 FERREIRA Nuno UMA maybe
1023 FOGIEL Jacqueline V.O.B.C. maybe
1034 FRAITURE Louis Namur maybe
1038 FRANSSENS Joël C-Perron yes
1043 FREYENS Danielle Verviers yes
1061 GAUTHIER Anne-Marie Namur maybe
1077 GENTY Paul-Henry C-Perron yes
1083 GERLO Erik Forum maybe
1091 GILBERT Yves Hornu yes
1098 GILLES Patrick B B C yes
1102 GILLIS Charles Fayenbois yes
1105 GILSON Christian Club 0203060 yes
1107 GOBBE Michel Charleroi maybe
1120 GOFFIN Claudine Montjoie yes
1135 GRANDJEAN Luc Fayenbois maybe