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Number Name Club Eligible
30729 'T JAMPENS Anny Chaver maybe
25 1 SIMPLE maybe
29674 A.G.HAMSTRA maybe
7092 ABEELS Victor MAINS yes
31964 ABRAHAMS Gui Sint-Truiden maybe
3733 ABSIL Michel Smohain yes
31415 ABSILLIS Jean Jan Kadodder maybe
22723 ACHTEN Albert P.Eu.T.-P.e.U.T. maybe
26064 ACHTEN Etienne Haiwai maybe
26064 ACHTEN Etienne Molenheide maybe
31352 ACHTEN Guy Kwadraat maybe
26065 ACHTEN Ludo Haiwai maybe
26065 ACHTEN Ludo P.Eu.T.-P.e.U.T. maybe
27373 ACHTERBERG Henriette maybe
26987 ACKERMAN Claudine VIEF Marke BC maybe
14648 ACKERMANS Mandy Chaver maybe
10102 ACKERMANS Pierre Chaver maybe
23981 ACKX Paul Haacht maybe
13608 ADAM Josette Riviera maybe
71026 ADAMANTIADIS Frangolus Namur maybe