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Number Name Club Eligible
16082 ARTS Geert Riviera maybe
31939 ARTS Marc Lint maybe
10174 ARTS Mine SAC Bridge maybe
27539 ARTS Raymond Riviera maybe
17977 ARTS Vera SAC Bridge maybe
30277 Arts Yuki Argus maybe
234 ASHLEY Raymond B B C maybe
30546 ASHTARI Rita Riviera maybe
33138 ASSELBORN Hélène Dulcinea yes
10178 ASSENMAKER Marcel Merelbeke maybe
70151 ASTUDILLO GONZALES Armando B B C maybe
72326 AUBRY Vincent B.C. Mons yes
14543 AUDENAERT Anne-Marie Haspengouw maybe
14543 AUDENAERT Anne-Marie West Limburg maybe
10179 AUDENAERT Armand Waasmunster maybe
27173 Audenaert Marcella Mercator maybe
25543 AUDENAERT Rudi Lokeren maybe
72632 AUGUSTO MARTINEZ Thalia Cercle Perron maybe
10181 AUROUSSEAU Koen Boeckenberg maybe
28583 Ausems Frans Het Hof maybe