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Number Name Club Eligible
24786 BAELEN Willy K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
29662 BAERT Christiane Lokeren maybe
29662 BAERT Christiane 't Biedtje maybe
31848 BAERT Emmy De Teuten maybe
10198 BAERT Hubert Waregem maybe
26439 BAERT Mimi De Palingbeek maybe
29663 BAERT Rita Lokeren maybe
29663 BAERT Rita 't Biedtje maybe
20986 BAERT Ronny Veurne maybe
24038 BAERT Steve Chaver maybe
27029 BAERT Urbain Beveren maybe
30127 BAERTSOEN René Aarsele maybe
3657 BAES André Argayon maybe
20782 BAES Bart Roeselare maybe
72477 BAETEN Christine U.V.B.C. maybe
6254 BAETEN Jean Cercle Privé maybe
31247 BAETEN William maybe
21441 BAETENS Arthur Mercator maybe
32303 BAETENS Gerd maybe
70892 BAETENS Hugo B B C yes