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Number Name Club Eligible
28457 Aussems Chris Lint maybe
72556 AUTENNE Jacques V.O.B.C. maybe
10184 AVONTROODT Joris Lier maybe
18803 AVONTS Elianthe De Klinkaert maybe
30208 AVONTURE Moniek Azalea maybe
30208 AVONTURE Moniek Dulcinea maybe
22187 AWOUTERS Carine Bree maybe
4856 BAADE Louis Fayenbois maybe
28357 BAAN Hermine Pieterman maybe
71567 BAAR Jean-Claude Wolvendael maybe
73127 BAAR Patrick Club 0201107 yes
71347 BAAR Yvonne C-Perron maybe
2670 BABIKOW Georges Smohain maybe
72071 BACCU Josiane Namur maybe
72418 BACHEBERLE Birgit B B C maybe
72526 BACHRACH Nelly U.V.B.C. maybe
245 BACKES Jean-Marie C-Perron yes
31842 BACKMAN Marcella Denksportclub UA maybe
32191 BACKX Phillipe Heusden maybe
72261 BACQ Jean-Pierre B B C maybe