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Number Name Club Eligible
1142 GREINDL Geoffroy Cercle Privé maybe
1144 BROWET Eliane Montjoie maybe
1150 GROSFILS Jean-Michel Léopold yes
1155 BIGDELI Faramarz B B C yes
1166 GOTTCHEINER Alain U.A.E yes
1180 HANSE Jean-Claude Charleroi yes
1195 HAUTOT André C-Perron yes
1214 HEMBLENNE Josiane Montjoie yes
1225 HENRI Jacques Phenix maybe
1230 HERBAUTS Jean Charles-Quint maybe
1233 HERBOTS Jean-Marie Charleroi maybe
1270 HUBERT Jean-Marie Wavre maybe
1278 HUMBLET Francis Cercle Perron maybe
1290 ISRALSON Michel B B C maybe
1294 CATTOIR Michel Léopold maybe
1296 JACQUET Monique Wavre maybe
1300 JADOUL Antoinette Wolvendael maybe
1302 JADOUL Alain Phenix maybe
1308 JAMIN Georges B B C yes
1311 JANSSENS Pierre Namur yes