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Number Name Club Eligible
28251 VROMANT Jeannot B.G.K. maybe
29939 VROOM Louke Taxandria maybe
32126 VROOMAN Sandra Kwadraat maybe
9470 VROONEN Georges-P. Total maybe
4771 VRYDAGS André SPABRIDGE maybe
31727 VUYLSTEKE Claire Beerschot maybe
29445 VUYLSTEKE Kristin V.B.C.K. maybe
32115 VUYLSTEKE Nicole Houtland maybe
21560 VUYLSTEKE Paul Bouwbedrijf maybe
5590 VUYTS Michèle CBMS yes
28946 VYDT Eric Lokeren maybe
15602 VYDT Greet Royal Squeeze maybe
32017 VYNCKE Luc Azalea maybe
32017 VYNCKE Luc Witte Beer maybe
26046 VYNCKE Trui Dulcinea maybe
25542 VYT Stefan Beveren maybe
30797 VYVERMAN Myriam Koksijde Hof ter Hille maybe
28058 WACKENS Ingrid Riviera maybe
72657 WADL Raffael U.A.E maybe
24643 WAEGEMANS Stan SAC Bridge maybe