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Number Name Club Eligible
23776 WASSERMAN Boubi Witte Wilg maybe
23777 WASSERMAN Gilda Witte Wilg maybe
7239 WATERKEYN Corine Wolvendael maybe
8550 WATHELET Madeleine Fayenbois maybe
5099 WATRISSE Laurent Namur maybe
14349 WATTEYNE Roland Chaver maybe
70335 WAUCAMPT Dominique V.O.B.C. maybe
9891 WAUCQUEZ Colette Wolvendael maybe
72845 WAUTERS Anne-Marie U.V.B.C. maybe
10981 WAUTERS Betty Boeckenberg maybe
32180 WAUTERS Claire Athena maybe
26545 WAUTERS Dirk Mercator maybe
29789 WAUTERS Eric Haiwai maybe
32181 WAUTERS France Athena maybe
15441 WAUTERS Guido Zennebridge maybe
14354 Wauters Herman Klein Brabant maybe
26193 WAUTERS Leonie Mercator maybe
30458 WAUTERS Rita Riviera maybe
28055 WAUTERS Tom Westrand maybe
28055 WAUTERS Tom Club 0201003 maybe