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Number Name Club Eligible
72958 NOTTE Ariane Smohain maybe
72959 PLATEAU Roland Smohain maybe
72960 SLITS Geneviève Smohain maybe
72961 VAN GELDER Roseline Smohain maybe
72962 VERNIERS Etienne Smohain maybe
72963 DESSARD Michele C-Perron maybe
72964 GOUJON Christiane C-Perron maybe
72965 BAUCHAU François-Xavier B B C maybe
72966 DE KERCHOVE Michèle B B C maybe
72967 DE THOMAZ Marie-Anne B B C maybe
72968 DE THOMAZ Marie-Sophie B B C maybe
72969 DE WASSEIGE Marie B B C maybe
72970 DEBRY Isabelle B B C maybe
72971 DEBRY Bernard B B C maybe
72972 DESSAIN Marc B B C maybe
72973 FOCANT Jean B B C maybe
72974 GEVERS Valentine B B C maybe
72975 NEUVILLE Marie B B C maybe
72976 SMEETS Michel B B C maybe
72977 VAN DEN HECKE Isabelle B B C maybe