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Number Name Club Eligible
72938 DELVAULX Philippe 3 Vallées maybe
72939 MANSY Jean-Luc 3 Vallées maybe
72940 VANSTEEN Marie-Paule 3 Vallées maybe
72941 CLAVAREAU Philippe Beauvechain maybe
72942 MORIMONT Marie B B C maybe
72943 GIGOUNON Brigitte Namur maybe
72944 LEFEBVRE Philippe 3 Vallées maybe
72945 ANDRE-DUMONT Hubert Smohain maybe
72946 COENE Jean-Pierre Smohain maybe
72947 COLLET Regine Smohain maybe
72948 DE LIEDEKERKE BEAUFORT Rolande Smohain maybe
72949 DE RUDDER Willy Smohain maybe
72950 DE SMET Dominique Smohain maybe
72951 DELIENS Kathleen Smohain maybe
72952 DINANT Véronique Smohain maybe
72953 GUILLAME - PLATTEAU Martine Smohain maybe
72954 GOFFAUX Jean Smohain maybe
72955 HOLBRECHT Danielle Montjoie maybe
72956 NAGELS Marie-Claire Montjoie maybe
72957 LEGROS Daniel Smohain maybe