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Number Name Club Eligible
72898 BOVY Jean-Marie C-Perron maybe
72899 GOSSET Michel Charleroi maybe
72900 VIEL Dominique Charleroi maybe
72901 LOISEAU Charles Namur maybe
72902 MINGUET Marc Fayenbois maybe
72903 DEVRIENDT Chantal B B C maybe
72904 DEBUSSCHE Claude B B C maybe
72905 LECOMTE Vincent Espace-Pontia BC maybe
72906 LECOMTE Claire Espace-Pontia BC maybe
72907 STAPPERS Patricia Espace-Pontia BC maybe
72908 JUNG Anna Léopold maybe
72909 EMELINCKX Yves Léopold maybe
72910 DECAFFMEYER Jean-Luc B B C maybe
72911 DU BOIS D'AISCHE - DE POSSON Brigitte B B C maybe
72912 DE POSSON Philippe B B C maybe
72913 NIVELLE France B B C maybe
72914 RANGA Laura Charleroi maybe
72915 ENDERLE Francine Léopold maybe
72916 JOASSART Jacqueline C-Perron maybe
72917 VANDESCHRICK Patrick maybe