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Number Namesort descending Club Eligible
20286 APFELBAUM Marc Maccabi yes
20357 APPELMANS Agnes Pajottenland yes
21822 APPELMANS Annie Pajottenland yes
28659 APPELMANS Jacqueline Halse no
21823 APPELMANS Josiane Pajottenland yes
23340 APPELS Marcel Goldstar-Carta Mundi yes
31785 APPERMONT Guy Molenheide yes
31786 APPERMONT Jaak Molenheide yes
31870 APPERMONT Jan Bilzen maybe
70733 AREND Régine C-Perron maybe
71274 ARICKX Roger Namur maybe
10170 ARITS Rik Tiense maybe
70802 ARLOFF COLLIN Georgette SPABRIDGE maybe
70803 ARLOFF Joseph SPABRIDGE maybe
30455 ARN-GREENWOOD Pat Riviera yes
71622 ARNOLD Jeanine C-Perron maybe
10171 ARNOU Hugo _LBF Indiv maybe
10171 ARNOU Hugo Lokeren maybe
28065 ARRAS Lut Lier yes
26083 ARTS Annemie Edegem yes