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Number Name Club Eligible
1634 MORLET Jeanine Léopold maybe
1633 MORHET Daniel C-Perron maybe
1628 MOMIGNY Marie-Thérèse C-Perron yes
1616 BLACKMAN Juliette Loverval maybe
1615 MICHEL Etienne C-Perron maybe
1600 GROSU Natacha Charleroi maybe
1587 MATTALON Roger La Dyle maybe
1581 MATHIEU Philippe C-Perron maybe
1568 MARTIN Hubert Namur maybe
1560 MARLET Pierre Wavre yes
1535 MAKOWSKI - HRABOVSKY Marie V.O.B.C. maybe
1522 MAES-GOENS Gisele U.A.E maybe
1511 LOUIS Guy Smohain maybe
1508 LOSLEVER Annie B.C. Mons maybe
1506 RAMBOUX Alain V.O.B.C. yes
1505 LAUS Georges Halse maybe
1493 LINKER Marcel Charleroi maybe
1463 LEMMENS Jacqueline B B C maybe
1461 BERBEN Martine B B C yes
1458 LEMAIRE Eric B B C maybe