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Number Name Club Eligible
3061 CHARLIER Guy PAWO maybe
3049 VAN ORMELINGEN Daniel Basilique maybe
3041 BERTHE Geneviève Club 0201108 yes
3029 GEORGE Monique V.O.B.C. yes
3028 GOOSSENS Jean V.O.B.C. maybe
3019 VAN DER AUWERA Ghislaine B B C maybe
2986 NAZE Thierry Club 0201107 yes
2966 DEGUIDE Conrad B.C. Mons yes
2955 DE MARCO Marcel Hirondelle yes
2945 GUILMIN Jeanine Charles-Quint maybe
2942 BAUGNET Renée Charles-Quint maybe
2939 LEFEVRE Jean-Pierre Hirondelle maybe
2937 BERGMANS Myriam UMA yes
2933 LOWY Jeannine Hirondelle yes
2931 MOUSSET Michelle Loverval maybe
2929 GROSFILS Colette Namur yes
2927 GOFFAUX Ghislaine Smohain yes
2926 MARECHAL Hubert Hirondelle yes
2923 RAMPELBERG Karel Hirondelle maybe
2923 RAMPELBERG Karel Westrand maybe