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Number Namesort descending Club Eligible
26835 WILLEMS Leo Wobridge yes
70772 WILLEMS Liliane B.C. Mons maybe
31574 WILLEMS Linda Riviera yes
31278 WILLEMS Lisette Genkt en Denkt maybe
27542 WILLEMS Lucas Riviera maybe
8363 WILLEMS Marie C-Perron maybe
32185 WILLEMS Martin De Eburoon no
28599 WILLEMS Micheline Athena yes
30910 WILLEMS Mieke Zennebridge maybe
14884 WILLEMS Mona Halse maybe
23526 WILLEMS Nelly Witte Wilg maybe
6396 WILLEMS Pierre PARC maybe
18036 WILLEMS Rita Flanders no
14406 WILLEMS Roger Gielse Squeezers maybe
22631 WILLEMS Rudolf Aarschot yes
28638 WILLEMS Vanessa 't Biedtje maybe
14407 WILLEMS Wim Lint no
30648 WILLEMSEN Greet Goldstar-Carta Mundi maybe
30750 WILLEMSEN Hennie Pieterman maybe
30340 WILLEMSEN Rose Lint maybe