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Number Namesort descending Club Eligible
23594 AMSEL Alon Riviera yes
31623 AMTING Corrina Westrand maybe
12229 ANAF Yannick B.C.W.H. maybe
4418 ANCIA Jacques Fayenbois maybe
24596 ANCIAUX Anne Pieterman yes
72152 ANCIAUX DANIELLE C-Perron maybe
71161 ANCIAUX Jean-Claude Waterloo maybe
8891 ANCIAUX Monique Fayenbois maybe
7848 ANCION Bernard C-Perron maybe
10145 ANDELHOF Marc K.A.Union-Sandeman no
29189 ANDRé Anne-Marie Goldstar-Carta Mundi maybe
71621 André Suzanne Cercle Liège maybe
9649 ANDRE-DUMONT Michèle Smohain maybe
31308 ANDRIES Alice Zennebridge maybe
10147 ANDRIES Dinah Zwijnaarde no
16226 ANDRIES Frans Aarschot maybe
31242 ANDRIES Matthias Riviera yes
72558 ANDRIES Nadine PARC maybe
29075 ANDRIES Roberte Flanders no
2331 ANDROUS Eric I.C. Bridge maybe