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Number Name Club Eligible
27454 AGTEN Jurgen M.B.C.L. maybe
32463 AKKERMANS Patricia Genkt en Denkt maybe
28557 ALAERTS Christine Aarschot maybe
23373 ALAERTS Jos Aarschot maybe
71179 ALARD Serge B B C yes
6829 ALBANI Alessandro Namur yes
8366 ALBANI Bénédicte B B C yes
8974 ALBERT Dominique PAWO maybe
27338 ALBRECHT Bob Boeckenberg maybe
27338 ALBRECHT Bob Boechout Capenberg maybe
72129 ALDENHOFF ANNE Cercle Perron maybe
72132 ALDENHOFF ANNE Cercle Perron maybe
71573 ALDENHOFF Annie Chaudfont. maybe
8430 ALDENHOFF Annie Chaudfont. yes
19439 ALDERS Lea Molenheide maybe
16683 Alderweireld Geert Chaver maybe
18238 ALENS Lisette Riviera maybe
72607 ALFIERI ANAIS C-Perron maybe
31974 ALGOET Rita Bouwbedrijf maybe
10137 ALLACKER Stefan Beauvechain maybe